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Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget


home renovation

There is a lot more that goes into making home renovations than simply the desire or need. One of the biggest factors is the budget. Some home renovation projects are purely just too expensive, which results in putting the project off and never completing it. If this is you, and you merely want to make some changes around the house that will not put a hole in your wallet, then take a look at these three home renovation ideas that can be done on a budget!

Make Your Own Shades

One of the easiest home renovations that anyone can do is making your own roman shades! In reality, the only real costs that you will have to incur for this project are for fabric and some sort of mount or panel to hang the shades on. This project is not only inexpensive, but it is not very time consuming as well. If you want a cheap, yet very effective way to change the appearance of any room in your home, then making your own roman shades is a great option.

Replace Your Windows

If you the shades on your windows are not going to be as much of a significant change in your home as you would like, then another option that you can look at is replacing the windows themselves. Replacing your windows might sound like an expensive task, but if you do your research, you can find great values on window replacements. Whether you want to put in a different style of single pane windows, or are thinking about switches to double pane, the options are numerous.


One of the simplest forms of home renovation that does not cost an arm and a leg is painting! Painting a room gives you the opportunity to switch up the style of a home that other options don’t provide. The only costs involved in this project are the paint and supplies that you need. The main decision that you will have to make with a painting project is whether you want to do it yourself, or hire a professional. Painting your self with save money, while hiring someone might save time. Either way, this is a very cost effective home renovation project!

The next time that you want to make some changes around the house while saving money at the same time, consider these four inexpensive home renovation projects! We would love to hear of some renovations that you have made to your home on a budget. Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment below, or on our social media pages!

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Four Tips on Hiring Home Remodeling Contractors

home remodeling contractors

Hiring the right contractor to remodel your home is virtually the most important decision to make during a remodeling project. Home remodeling contractors take control of the entire project and ensure that everything is completed in a timely and quality manner, so it is essential that you hire someone who you know will do a good job. Here are four tips that can help you make a good decision when hiring a home remodeling contractor!

Call Them Up

The first thing that you can do when searching for a home remodeling contractor is to find a few different options and call them! When making this initial contact with a contractor, it is a good idea to have some questions for them. Ask them about their process, their availability, and what they think of your potential project. If the phone call goes well, feel free to schedule a face-to-face meeting!


Face-to-Face Meeting

It is not a good idea to hire someone directly after meeting them on the phone. Before you hire anyone specifically, you should set up an in-person meeting with some of the home remodeling contractors on the top of your list. This meeting will help you gain a better understanding of the contractors that you may hire and their personality. It is important to hire someone who you can develop a working relationship with.


Review Their Work

When meeting with various home remodeling contractors, one good idea is to ask to see some of their previous work. Most remodeling contractors will have pictures of previous jobs they have accomplished. Some contractors will even have photographs on their website to allow you to view all of their projects.


Evaluate Bids

The last important tip to remember when hiring a contractor is to thoroughly evaluate all of the bids you have been given from the different options. Hopefully at this point of the process, you will still have multiple contractors willing to take on your project. It is necessary to review their bids and how they plan to make the remodel happen budget-wise.


Home remodeling contractors are the most important part of making your home remodeling dreams come true. If you follow these steps, then you will be able to hire someone who will help you achieve whatever you want in your remodeling project. Do you have any tips that you think are good when trying to hire a remodeling contractor? Give us your ideas in the comments below or through our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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The Process of Home Remodeling

home remodeling

If you are thinking about building a new home, but are not sure if the option is actually realistic, then one of the best opportunities to consider is home remodeling. Remodeling a home can come in handy if there are parts of your home that need the update, if building a new home is not realistic, or if you simply want a change! In order to have the most successful home remodeling project, it is necessary to follow the correct process. Here is a look at the four major steps that are involved in remodeling a home

Assess Needs

The first step that needs to be taken as a home owner is to assess the needs or desires that you want to change in your home with the remodeling project. There are several different types of home remodeling projects that you can focus on such as kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom projects, along with whatever you may want to remodel. At this point in the remodeling process it is vital to take notes of all of the different things that you want to accomplish. It is a good idea to be specific with what you want so that throughout the process your original goals for the project to not get compromised.

Hire an Expert

After you develop an idea of what you want to accomplish in your home, it is important to find and hire a home remodeling expert. It is not a bad idea to contact multiple remodeling experts in order to feel out the options. When you are searching for a home remodeling expert, it is important to find someone who understands your personal goals for the remodel. It is also important that the expert you hire is someone who will be transparent with you throughout the project, as well as willing to put your ideas and desires at the top of the priority. Hiring a good remodeling expert can make the world of difference and be what separates your project from good to great.

Develop Plans/ Budget

Once you have hired an expert on remodeling, the first thing that you must do with them is develop specific plans for the project. It is important to iron out all of the details before and physical remodeling takes place. “Winging it” as you go is not really a sound strategy when it comes to home remodeling. When you sit down and develop the plans be sure to write everything down so that you and your contractor both have record of what the plans are. Additionally, in this meeting it is important to create a budget. The remodeling expert that you hire can only do as much as the budget allows. Budgets are essential in these types of projects mainly for the fact that the contractor knows what types of materials they need to purchase and how to allocate the money that you are able to spend on the project.


The last step in the process is the fun part. After you have developed a budget and solid plans, then the contractor can begin the construction and physical remodeling can take place. In this step you can sit back and watch how your home is changing before your very eyes! Most remodeling experts will be more than willing to give you regular updates on how the remodel is coming along so that you can stay in tune to where the project is at.

Home remodeling is one of the best ways to make improvements and add value to your home. If you follow these steps, then your home remodeling experience will more than likely be very enjoyable.


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Preparing for Road Bumps When Building Luxury Homes

building luxury homes

Building a custom luxury home is a very rewarding experience for both the home builder and the future home owner, however, there can be times when the project hits a bump in the road resulting in frustration for everyone involved. As a home builder or a consumer, it is important to be ready for these speed bumps and prepare for them before they happen. Here are a few possible situations to be aware of that can cause the process of building luxury homes to halt!

Neighborhood/City Zoning Issues
In reality, when building luxury homes, this is something that should be resulted prior to the commencement of the project. The home builders and any contractors involved should be aware of any zoning regulations regarding where the home is to be built. Normally, if this is taken care of properly, this issue should not arise again throughout the project. However, if any of these laws are not given attention and if any required permits are not acquired, then the project can come to a screeching halt in order to resolve the issues.

Hard-to-Find Materials
Building a custom luxury home involves many different types of distinct materials. These materials come in many different shapes and sizes and are often purchased from several different suppliers. Depending on the specificity of the project, these materials can occasionally be difficult to find. Being sure that you have a way to obtain every specific type of material involved in the building process beforehand is essential in order to avoid this problem.

Weather Issues

Unfortunately, when building luxury homes, not all delays are physically possible to control and overcome. The prime example of this are weather issues that come up throughout the project. In specific types of weather, the conditions may not permit the construction to take place on certain days due to safety concerns. It is important to recognize that this natural delay may occur during your project, and it is best to remain patient on these days!


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Unique Ideas for Luxury Custom Home Designs

luxury custom home designs

The best part about designing a luxury home of your dreams is that you can include practically anything that you want. Many people hear the phrase “luxury custom home designs” and they think classic and elegant, but forget the word fun! When designing your custom home, it is always important to be creative with the design and include things in your home that you will enjoy. Here are three unique ideas for luxury custom home designs that you might find interesting if you are ever building your own home!

Walk-In Pool

When designing a luxury home, it is not only your job to think about the design of the house itself, but also the outside of the home. With that said, everybody loves having pools. They keep you cool in the summer and are generally always a place for relaxation. However, most pools have either a couple steps, or possibly small ladders, that you walk down to get in. A walk-in pool eliminates that, and adds the feeling of being on the beach!

Spiral Staircase

Luxury custom home designs usually deal with larger homes that quite often have multiple stories. Unfortunately, stairs can be pretty boring. One of the best ways to spice up your stairs and create a different and unique look in your home is through spiral staircases. Spiral staircases can go well in any home due to their distinctive look and ability to come in many different styles!

Beneath Stair Storage

If a spiral staircase is not something that interests you, then you might as well get more use out of your stairs than the simple ability to walk up and down. When designing your stairs, creating a storage system underneath the staircase is a great way to add value to the stairs, and is also pretty cool! Think about it, how often do you go over to a friends house and all of the sudden then start opening fancy drawers under the stairs? Not to often, right? This storage design could make your house one of a kind!

There are many different possibilities when discussing luxury custom home designs. If you ever find yourself designing a dream home to live in, try and be creative and think of ideas like these to put into your home. Are there other unique ideas for a luxury home design that you think would be cool? We would love to hear them! Let us know them by leaving a comment below or on our social media sites!

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