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Building Green in 2015

Building Green

Building green is a trend that is currently gaining a lot of traction, and for very good reason. According to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), buildings in the United States account for 38% of CO2 emissions and 73% of all energy consumption. Due to environmental benefits like these, as well as the additional economic benefits such as saving money through reducing operating costs, more and more commercial and residential homes are being built in a green capacity. Here are a few ways that your luxury home can be built green in 2015!

Go Solar!

There are many different ways to build green, but one of the first ideas that comes to everyone’s mind is usually the thought of going solar! Solar energy in a home is one of the cleanest forms of electricity because it is all being generated from the sun. This is not to mention that it is one of the lowest cost forms of electricity options for homes today. If you are deciding to build green by using solar electricity for your home, it is important to research the area that you are about to build on so that you know where the best spots will be for your solar panels in order to reach maximum efficiency.

Geothermal HVAC

One of the more uncommon, yet highly effective ways to build your home green is through utilizing geothermal power. This form of energy comes from underground, in the earth. While wind and sun energies might go through changes throughout the year, geothermal power will remain consistent. Geothermal heating and cooling systems contain indoor units and pipes that are drilled into and buried in the earth. These pipes allow for a flow of hot and cool air by using the constant temperature of the earth below. Geothermal heating and cooling units are fascinating in how they operate, so before you build your home this is a great idea to look into more!

Steel Frame

Throughout history, the most popular choice of framing material for homes has been wood. One of the best ways to go green when building a home this year is by forgoing the common wood frame and building the home through steel framing! Steel framing allows your home to be stronger and more resistant to occurrences such as earthquakes and fire. Furthermore, steel frames are very environmentally friendly due to the fact that most of the materials used to make the steel is recycled. In addition, these frames can save trees and are non-toxic.

Zone-Based Smart Thermometers

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular. Most of the smart home technology that is available can be very environmentally friendly and can help with the green cause. One of the best ways to reduce the waste of electricity is through zone-based smart thermometers! These thermometers will heat or cool different rooms throughout the home depending on whether or not someone is in it. Through motion sensors, these thermometers can detect when someone is or is not in a zone, and will significantly reduce wasted energy.

It is very easy to go green when building a new home this upcoming year! These four ideas are only the start. If you are interested in learning about more ways that your new home can go green, connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages and we can help lead you in the right direction!

Costs to Consider When Remodeling a Bathroom

remodeling a bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the most common types of projects that are done in the home. The beauty of bathroom remodeling projects is that they can create huge changes or small changes, depending on what a homeowner wants and needs. Regardless of the size of your bathroom remodel, the types of costs incurred in a project like this are generally the same. Before you begin remodeling a bathroom in your home, take a look at these three common costs that you are going to have to take into account!


The most obvious cost of a bathroom remodel is the amount that you will need to pay for the materials involved. This cost will be dependant on how big of a change you are making in your bathroom. Materials such as sinks, cabinetry, toilets, showers, tile, and more will be figured into this number. The best way to reduce materials costs is through research of different home improvement stores and finding which stores provide the best prices for each specific product that you need.

Labor vs. DIY

Another important cost to consider when remodeling a bathroom is that of the labor you will have to pay to accomplish the project. However, while some projects may need professional contractors and experts, not all do. Some remodeling projects are much easier to accomplish than others, so one way to reduce or eliminate this cost is through doing the project yourself. While doing a project yourself might save money, the trade off that might come with it is a less professional look. Regardless, the labor vs. do-it-yourself debate is one that you can measure on a project to project basis depending on what you think is best!


Not all bathroom remodeling costs are tangible. One intangible cost that comes with every bathroom remodel is time. Before beginning your project, it is best to estimate how long the project is going to take. Some remodels may only take a day or two, while others can be much longer. Having a knowledge of the length of your project will help you keep the project moving on track and will let you plan accordingly.


Remodeling a bathroom is a great project that can be done in any home to help make it look better. Are you interested in doing a bathroom remodel in your home? Call (480) 905-1200 today for more information on how eagle can help you with your bathroom remodeling project. Eagle Luxury Properties is Arizona’s favorite custom home builder.

3 Unique Bathroom Design Ideas

bathroom designs

One of the most frequently used rooms in any house is the master bathroom. Because of how often it is seen and used, having a bathroom that is different and unique is a great idea! There are many types of bathroom designs that can help make your master bathroom stand apart from most common bathrooms. Here are three specific bathroom design ideas that can help make that happen!

Multiple Sinks

Many bathroom designs involve having dual sinks, especially for larger master bathrooms that have more room. These types of large counters with multiple faucets are very common. However, something that is less common are having two sinks in the same bathroom that are not connected through the same counter space. Having two separate sink areas can open up the room and make it feel much larger that it would with having one large counter to hold the sinks. There are various bathroom designs that you can utilize multiple sinks in. For example, you can put the sinks next to each other, or at opposite ends of the room. Either way, having multiple, separate sinks gives your bathroom a unique feel and look.

Freestanding Bathtub

Similarly to freestanding sinks, freestanding bathtubs are a bathroom design idea that not a ton of people think of. One big reasons that most people do not think about installing a freestanding, soaking bathtub is because these tubs do not generally give owners the ability to have a showerhead. If you do not need a shower though, buying a soaking tub is something that will make your bathroom feel elegant and relaxing.

Unique Coloring

One of the simplest bathroom designs that anyone can do in their home is using unique colors. The color of the walls, floor, towels, and everything involved in a bathroom is what gives any given bathroom its own style. Additionally, these colors are the first thing that anyone notices when entering the room, so depending on which type of vibe you want the room to give off, you can change the colors to help create that experience. Another benefit of using different colors in your bathroom is that it is an option that can be done quickly and easily.

There are many types of bathroom designs that can make your bathroom unique from any other bathroom. These three ideas are a great place to start, but there are definitely many other ideas that can be accomplished fairly easily. We would love to hear of any distinct ideas that you might have for a bathroom design! Let us know them by leaving a comment below or on our social media sites!

Four Helpful Bathroom Remodel Ideas

bathroom remodel

No two bathroom remodel projects are equal. Depending on the size of the bathroom, the budget for the project, and simply which areas in the bathroom need work, bathroom remodel plans can vary in many different ways. Although all remodeling tasks are different, they all have one common goal: to make the bathroom look better than it did previously. Whether you have a small bathroom remodel idea that you want to work on, or something larger, this goal can be accomplished through several distinct remodeling options. Here are four helpful bathroom remodel ideas that will help improve the look of any bathroom in your home!

  • Cabinetry Work

There are two different types of cabinets in most bathrooms; above ground and below the sink. Fortunately, there are various ways to improve both kinds of cabinets. Cabinets found below the sink, or as an attachment to the foundation of the sink are generally the most common types of cabinets in bathrooms. These cabinets can be easily painted, stained, or even removed and switched to a different style. Above ground cabinets that are connected to the wall, usually above the sink or somewhere near, are quite different in the sense that they take up much more space and occasionally make the room feel cluttered. If you are working on a small bathroom remodel, one idea may be to simply remove the cabinets! There are various other forms of unique storage that you can replace these cabinets with.


One of the most common types of bathroom remodel ideas is re-doing the tile or flooring in the room. Replacing old tile with newer, better looking tile can change the entire feel of the room. A change in shade of the tile accomplishes this very effectively as well. For example, if your previous tile was light gray, if you put new tile in that is darker, then the tone of the room will be entirely changed. Additionally, changing the tile goes well with painting the room; as you can mix and match tile with paint color in order to overhaul the entire room.

Sink Replacement

Replacing the sink in your bathroom is another remodeling idea that can make a drastic and instant impact on the style of the room. There are many different ways that you can replace the sink in your bathroom as well. Whether you simply install a new faucet, or rather you replace the entire faucet/cabinet foundation, improvements will be able to instantly be seen. If you are working on a large bathroom remodel and would like to switch from a sink with one faucet to one with two, then this can be something that offers a change that can affect how you go about remodeling the rest of the bathroom.

Shower/Bath Reconstruction

Another very common type of bathroom remodel idea that is often looked at is the reconstruction of the shower and bath. If your old shower or bath is beginning to break down, whether by appearance or function, then replacing them is not a bad idea. However, this project is not the easiest project in the world. It requires sufficient time to research, deconstruct, and then reconstruct with the new one. Nevertheless, once completed this is one of the most beneficial types of remodeling in terms of both the look and the use of the room.


One of the best ways to enhance your home is through a bathroom remodel. These four bathroom remodeling ideas are a great place to start, but they are not the only options! Contact us on Facebook or Twitter if you need help thinking of more ideas, or help with the construction of a remodeling project in your home. Also, we would love to hear some of the different types of bathroom remodeling projects that you have worked on in your homes previously. Leave a comment below with the ideas that you have instituted in a bathroom in your home!

Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget


home renovation

There is a lot more that goes into making home renovations than simply the desire or need. One of the biggest factors is the budget. Some home renovation projects are purely just too expensive, which results in putting the project off and never completing it. If this is you, and you merely want to make some changes around the house that will not put a hole in your wallet, then take a look at these three home renovation ideas that can be done on a budget!

Make Your Own Shades

One of the easiest home renovations that anyone can do is making your own roman shades! In reality, the only real costs that you will have to incur for this project are for fabric and some sort of mount or panel to hang the shades on. This project is not only inexpensive, but it is not very time consuming as well. If you want a cheap, yet very effective way to change the appearance of any room in your home, then making your own roman shades is a great option.

Replace Your Windows

If you the shades on your windows are not going to be as much of a significant change in your home as you would like, then another option that you can look at is replacing the windows themselves. Replacing your windows might sound like an expensive task, but if you do your research, you can find great values on window replacements. Whether you want to put in a different style of single pane windows, or are thinking about switches to double pane, the options are numerous.


One of the simplest forms of home renovation that does not cost an arm and a leg is painting! Painting a room gives you the opportunity to switch up the style of a home that other options don’t provide. The only costs involved in this project are the paint and supplies that you need. The main decision that you will have to make with a painting project is whether you want to do it yourself, or hire a professional. Painting your self with save money, while hiring someone might save time. Either way, this is a very cost effective home renovation project!

The next time that you want to make some changes around the house while saving money at the same time, consider these four inexpensive home renovation projects! We would love to hear of some renovations that you have made to your home on a budget. Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment below, or on our social media pages!

Call (480) 905-1200 today for more information on how eagle can help you with your Home Renovation. Eagle Luxury Properties is Arizona’s favorite custom home builder.